7.5. Exercises

These exercises are intended to test only a basic understanding of the preprocessor, suitable for a beginner. Many users will never need a more detailed understanding.

Exercise 7.1. How would you arrange that the identifier MAXLEN is replaced by the value 100 throughout a program?

Exercise 7.2. What is likely to cause problems in a definition of the form #define VALUE 100+MAXLEN?

Exercise 7.3. Write a macro called REM which takes two integer arguments and ‘returns’ the remainder when the first is divided by the second.

Exercise 7.4. Repeat the last example, but use casts so that any arithmetic type of argument may be used, assuming that there are no overflow problems.

Exercise 7.5. What do the <> brackets around a filename in a #include directive signify?

Exercise 7.6. What would "" mean in place of the <>?

Exercise 7.7. How would you use the preprocessor to select implementation-specific fragments of a program?

Exercise 7.8. What sort of arithmetic does the preprocessor use?