6.9. Exercises

Exercise 6.1. What is the declaration of an untagged structure containing two ints called a and b?

Exercise 6.2. Why is such a declaration of limited use?

Exercise 6.3. What would the structure look like with a tag of int_struc and two variables called x and y of the structure type being defined?

Exercise 6.4. How would you declare a third variable later, with the the same type as x and y but called z?

Exercise 6.5. Assuming that p is the right type of pointer, how would you make it point to z and then set z.a to zero, using the pointer?

Exercise 6.6. What are the two ways of declaring a structure with incomplete type?

Exercise 6.7. What is unusual about a string "like this" when it's used to initialize a character array?

Exercise 6.8. What if it initializes a char *?

Exercise 6.9. Find out what a doubly linked list is. Reimplement the linked list example using one. Is it any easier to insert and delete elements in a doubly linked list?